Moonlight Drive
Moonlight Drive

Moonlight Drive

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The Moonlight Drive has quickly become our best selling Mid-Length and must have for Mitch and our team.

The key to this board is the blend of speed, carry and flow you get from a mid-length mixed with the ultimate manoeuvrability of the twin fin set up. 

We designed this board with quite a pulled in speed controlling tail to give you confidence under your rear foot and control over the twin fin set up (this board comes with 3 different options of channels depending on your skill or weight).

The top two thirds of the board are where the mid-length benefits come in. Having the long parallel template with a semi refined rail this board generates speed effortlessly while giving you complete confidence in a steep high speed situation (Mitch will use a 7’0 Moonlight Drive in cyclone swell). The nose template is a little more pulled in than traditional mid-lengths, we have done this as it allows you to cut a tighter arc without having to add too much rocker.

The rockers and foam distribution in this model are also something we have spent a lot of time and energy getting right. By having more foam down the stringer and in the top two thirds of this board it allows us to refine out the rails and tail without losing the carry and momentum that we so love from our mid-lengths. 

The benefits of this is it creates a board that is one of the most versatile in the quiver. You can surf this board on a sleepy slow point one day and in a heavy barrelling beach break the next. If you’re after a one board quiver mid-length, this is the model we recommend.