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Electric Lady

A longboard with class.

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War pig

A classic fish with a twist.

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MS Surfboards

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Cinnamon Girl

A spicy & sweet love affair

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Handcrafted Quality

By Mitchell Surman

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Dedicated to the Craft

Creating one-of-a-kind surfboards

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The Art of Shaping

Creating the highest quality surfboards from scratch

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Made with Care

We are obsessed with making the best quality surfboards for our customers.

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Electric Lady

Electric Lady

Electric Lady

The Electric Lady has a defined concave in the nose merging into foiled roll through the tail. It is designed to be ridden in the pocket and once there provides terrific lift and hold to extend noserides for as long as possible. While it thrives on the regularity of point break waves it is equally at home on shifting beach breaks. The rolled bottom allows deft manoeuvrability and the ability to react to and reach the elusive pocket of beach breaks. It is a noserider that provides a stable platform in the energy of the pocket but also fizzles with energy on the open face.

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