Our Models

Voodoo Child

Loose and playful, the voodoo child was made for less than ideal conditions. A wide tail and deep single concave make for incredible speed generation in the softest waves. Predominantly made with a swallow tail with flyers we’ve looked to make a fun board that surfs like a shortboard. Usually ridden 1’-2’ shorter than your traditional shortboard.



Cinnamon Girl

Our longboards are designed to feel alive, whether you want to noseride, flow through turns and dropknees or simply trim. The Cinnamon Girl is our prized possession undergoing the most development and experimentation of any of our boards. With subtle concave throughout the board paired with a nice roll off the rails the board is designed for trim and turns. There’s no sacrifice in nose riding ability with the concave allowing for unprecedented nose lift and control.


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Moonlight Drive

The go-to mid-length in any and all conditions for our team riders. Tested and honed during the famed Cyclone Oma swell at Noosa we have confidence in saying that this board holds its own in big swells as well as providing a fun alternative to a log when it’s small. Usually ridden between 7’2 and 8’6 you’ll have no issue paddling this board around your local beachies or on the points. This board is best ridden as either a twin + trailer or a 2+1 fin set up.

Electric Lady

The Electric Lady has a defined concave in the nose merging into foiled roll through the tail. It is designed to be ridden in the pocket and once there provides terrific lift and hold to extend noserides for as long as possible. While it thrives on the regularity of point break waves it is equally at home on shifting beach breaks. The rolled bottom allows deft manoeuvrability and the ability to react to and reach the elusive pocket of beach breaks. It is a noserider that provides a stable platform in the energy of the pocket but also fizzles with energy on the open face.


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Sweet Leaf

The most performance-oriented of our models. We’ve taken the modern shortboard and added the element of paddle ability. With a pulled in tail and low rocker this board still looks to operate in those critical situations that a shortboard thrives in but with the buoyancy of a mid-length. With channels and a pronounced vee in the tail, the board creates its own speed allowing you to focus on the wave and not getting to the next section. Ridden as whatever fin set-up you prefer, though we recommend a quad set-up for extra drive.

War Pig

A traditional fish turned modern. The fish has long been overlooked as a versatile, functional addition to anyone’s quiver. Straight rails and plenty of volume under your front foot; down the line speed is unmatched. Usually ridden 5’-6’ shorter than your traditional shortboard; there’s no sacrifice in paddle power. Not limited to small waves, our team riders have tested this model in waves up to 6ft. Available as either a twin or quad fin set up.

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Wild Horse

An ode to the original single fin most common throughout the 70s. Added thickness throughout with a flat bottom and a sole single fin. This board is designed to enjoy every inch of the points we have around home. Drawing on inspiration from local shapers such as Rooster and Mike Davis, feel the form of nearly 50 years of design.