Mitch’s surfing journey started when he was born and led him to the highest echelon of his sport at the age of 17 on the ASP World Longboard Tour. But he soon fell out of love with multi-fin longboards, indeed with surfing, and began an apprenticeship to become a carpenter. He couldn’t stay away from surfing for long and around a year later he decided to focus on building surfboards, not houses. At the same time he had begun surfing single fin longboards and rediscovered his passion for riding waves.

From the early days in Allen Street, Caloundra to today’s factory at Kunda Park, Maroochydore, MS Surfboards have been influenced by some of the pioneers of Australian and world surfboard design. Names like Kevin Platt, Sam Egan and Bob Mctavish are always bouncing off the walls of the factory, along with the eager input from the talented team of riders who test the boards all over the world.

In an industry of diminishing standards, MS Surfboards are dedicated to building the highest quality boards from the highest quality materials using traditional techniques. The boards are made with the surfer in mind, whether that be a team rider perched on a log or carving on a twin fin, or a surfer looking to push their own ability to new places


Jordan Spee

Growing up in the backyard of MS surfboards, Jordy is one of the three groms who have been riding our boards from the beginning. Now 18 years of age, Jordy has grown into one of the most innovative loggers in the world and has his sights set on exploring overseas in search of waves. As well as his passion for surfing, Jordy has a keen eye for design and is closely involved in the development process of his boards and has begun foiling his own fins. Jordy currently rides a 9'1 rounded pin log and a 5'8 quad fish.

Hudson Ritchie

Hudson first rode an MS longboard when he borrowed Mitch's board at the beginning of the Noosa Festival in 2015, after riding the same board all the way to victory in the under 18's division, he hasn't looked back since. From Redondo Beach in Los Angeles, Hudson is surrounded by important figures in surfing history and his style oozes pedigree. He is as comfortable on a shortboard on a log and is as likely to reach for his twin fin fish as he is his log. Hudson currently rides a 9'6 log and 5'8 twin fin.

Josh Woollett

Up until two years ago Josh was scampering around the beaches close to his house in Maroochydore riding shortboards and twin fins, surfing as much as he could. Until one day he bought a secondhand MS mini simmons style board from gumtree and started riding a wider range of boards, eventually surfing a longboard for the first time. Since then he has become an excellent noserider and his fast, loose approach to twin fin surfing has improved hugely. Josh's current longboard is a 9'6 pintail and his shortboard is a 5'4 twin fin.

Cale Coulter

Another of the original groms, Cale is a talented noserider with an understated style. His creativity on the nose is impressive, combining tight 5's and 10's with heel rides and long, held kicks. His skills sometimes fly under the radar, preferring smooth transitions to flamboyant gestures. Cale has aspirations to travel but has a few years left at school before he sets off. He currently rides a 9'6 rounded square tail log.

Kai Annetts

The last of the three groms who honed their skills on the righthand walls of the Bluff in Alexandra Headland, Kai makes surfing look easy. His steady stare and near motionless upper body defy the technicality of his surfing, a flowing blend of powerful turns and long noserides. Kai is a personality in and out of the water and can often be overheard claiming lofty airs and deep tubes... His current log is a 9'6 stringerless log and he also rides a 5'9 thruster.

Mike Lay

Based in Cornwall in the UK, Mike has been travelling to the east coast of Australia for the last 4 years and riding MS surfboards for the last three. A former Duct Tape Invitee, he travels the world as a team rider for Reef testing our boards in a variety of conditions. As a result of his northern European upbringing, Mike isn't afraid of cold water and surfs in the heavy waters of Ireland and Scotland each winter before heading back to Cornwall to work as an occasional lifeguard on the beaches around his home town. 

Jake Goold

Jake has a mysterious past, some say he is as old as the world itself, others that he used to ride 7'0 SUP's. All we know is that he now rides twin fins and loves to spin them around, through the air, on the wave, he just loves spinners. He loves to deride longboarders and their obvious advantage at catching waves but of late a few sightings have been made of Googs lurking around Noosa with a board of the longer variety. Jake rides a 5'5 twin fin and whatever log he can get his hands on.

Sam Crookshanks

Originally from Cornwall, England, Sam moved to Noosa at the age of 11 and began honing his unparalleled backhand noseriding ability. Winner of the 2015 Noosa Festival Logger Pro and Duct Tape invitee, Sam's life revolves around the perfect right hand pointbreaks of his home, Noosa. The goofy foot perches like no other, spending more time on the nose than most, but also plays in up and coming punk band Los Laws. Sam's current log is a triple stringer 9'6 noserider.

Luke Potter

A man of routines, Monday to Friday, wine and cheese, a schooner or two at the Blue Bar of an evening. Luke also enjoys hanging 10, a lot. When on the nose a blank expression comes across his face and he just stays there, sliding his back foot around, a little here, a little there, perched. Pottsie rides a 9'8 noserider.

Mitch Surman

Between shaping boards and co-running Glass Coffee House in Maroochydore, Mitch doesn't get a lot of time to surf nowadays. But when he does he is often the best surfer in the water. Having grown up competing on high performance longboards on the World Tour, Mitch became disillusioned with multi-fin longboards at the age of 18 and began riding and shaping single fins. In the 6 years he has been shaping he has developed an innovative and forward-thinking style of single fin longboard influenced by traditional Australian boards from the 60's as well as his own style in the water. Mitch rides a 9'4 log and a 6'0 flex tail twin fin.

Ivy Thomas

For the last few years the waves of Rainbow Bay have been graced by the inventive and playful surfing of Ivy Thomas. The talented young goofy foot surfs with precision and foresight, used to linking long rides at her home break, she reads waves with skill and flow. MS Surfboards are honoured to have our boards under her feet and excited to see what her future holds.

Michael 'Gilly' Gilbert

Lord of Stoke and Grand Master of Good Times, Gilly has been plying his trade at the factory for a long while now. A smooth, hard working and perfectionist glasser, Gilly accepts nothing but the best from himself and from those around him. To the factory floor he brings classic rock and roll and six packs, to the lineup he brings laughter and playful surfing. He has a penchant for British police dramas and for hollow days at Coolum and has a degree in (not sure if this is the subject or whether he completed the degree so double check) Environmental Management, so he's more than just a pretty face.

Connor Griffiths

Hailing from (insert Connor's town here) in Wales, Connor Griffiths comes from pedigree European surfing stock, his father Chris 'Guts' Griffiths is a former European longboard champion, and was ranked as high as 5th in the world, he also holds multiple British and Welsh titles and is a master board builder himself. We knew none of this when Connor arrived in the Sunshine Coast, all we had was a recommendation from Mike Lay and a blurry video of Connor surfing (very well) on a brown, cold left pointbreak. Since then the innovative and hugely talented goofy foot has become a vital part of the MS Surfboards family, as a team rider but also as a craftsman. He works full time in the factory laminating and finishing boards and we are lucky to have him around. Next time you see him fly past you at Noosa, hanging ten or switch stance, remind him to stay in the country, we wouldn't want to see him go back to Wales any time soon!